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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Shoalanda Speaks

Political pundit Shoalanda Speaks blogs about politics in Northwest Alabama, as well as local crime and civic events. Shoalanda welcomes guest blogs. Contact her at shoalanda.speaks@gmail.com.

Shoals Crime

Shoals Crime offers a fresh look at Shoals area crime from the mid Twentieth Century until today. This Shoals offering also features links to various crime blogs across the country.

Trader Evaluates

Visit Trader Evaluates for critiques on food offerings as well as local restaurant reviews. You can also visit Trader on Facebook and become a fan.

Nurse Nan's Home Remedies & First Aid

Nurse Nan brings you quick and economical home remedies as well as practical first aid ideas.

Committed Thoughts

Join the Brown Recluse in Committed Thoughts as she navigates through work, diets, family, and whatever else life throws in her way. It's a roller coaster of fun with a deeper meaning. Enjoy!

Dirt Therapy

Gardening the Phillip Oliver way. View gardens from around the Shoals and beyond--we promise you'll develop a case of Green Thumb Envy after reading Dirt Therapy.

DOGed PURRsuit

Dedicated to pet adoption in the Shoals. Look here for announcements of pet adoption days, as well as profiles of local shelter animals. DOGed PURRsuit is doggedly pursuing homes for all strays in the Shoals.

Quad-Cities Cuisine

TBR and J. Redmon review local restaurants. If dining out in the Shoals is your thing, then this is your blog. Quad-Cities Cuisine accepts guest reviews--so what are you waiting for?

Dino's Deliberations

Join Dino as she presents her view on both local and state issues. Dino's Deliberations is a don't miss.

Debra Glass

Join Shoals author Debra Glass as she blogs about her latest work of fiction or local history. Whether fact or fiction, you can't beat Debra for a fascinating read.

Coffee with Cathy

The Shoals as seen through the eyes of professional writer Cathy Wood. Coffee with Cathy always offers a unique view of the area.

Gathering Life

Gathering Life contains my interests, hobbies,things I do and things I have done. The stories of gathering knowledge from watching the people surrounding me. - Karla

The Geddon Report

I`m a happily married father of three who is a member of the ALANG. I am a graduate of Deshler High School and I started this blog to tell people of my experiences when I`m deployed. But also it has given me a venue (since I have been banned from the Times Daily Forum) to express my view on any and everything. Be it anything Funny, Political, Religious, or just Random thoughts. I hope everyone will enjoy the Geddon Report and I thank you for checking it out.

The Great War Blog

Matt Osborne brings the Great War alive. If history is your consuming passion, or you just love a great read, the Great War Blog is a must. Osborne is a frequent contributor to the Huffington Post.

To Garner Wisdom

Essays on wisdom with a Southern twist. To Garner Wisdom can make you laugh and cry at the same time.

Rosedale Gardens

Rosedale Gardens: Gardening and life with Border collie hooligans

Sugie Bee

Sugie Bee: Stories from the generations of my family and of my life in this crazy world.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ripples from Sweetwater Mansion

A local committee seeks to find a buyer for a dilapidated Florence mansion. If you have any interest in ante bellum architecture or convoluted scams with a touch of the paranormal thrown in, you must read Ripples from Sweetwater Mansion.